Bucha Buddha’s Fruity Chia Seed Kombucha Recipe

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Chia seeds are ancient seeds full of health benefits. Some ancient civilizations believed that they gave them supernatural powers. Combining them with kombucha, which naturally boosts your mood, makes fruity chia seed kombucha a delicious and potent beverage.

This unique fermented tea beverage is a great way to enjoy numerous health benefits. The addition of chia seeds turns this drink into a snack full of nutrition and energy.


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Fruity Chia Seed Kombucha

  • Total Time:
    25 minutes

  • Yield:
    1 Serving 1x


Combine your favorite fruit flavors with the superpowers of chia seeds. This recipe is quick and easy. Chia seeds must be soaked before consumption; do not skip this step.




  1. Place the chia seeds into the serving glass.
  2. Pour water over the seeds and give the mixture a quick stir to prevent clumping. Let the chia seeds soak for 20 minutes at room temperature until they’ve absorbed the water.
  3. Pour the brewed kombucha into the glass.
  4. Add the fruit juice.
  5. Top it off with sparking water and optional ice.
  6. Garnish with fresh fruit and serve.


Use your favorite flavor of fruit juice: apple, blackberry, mango, peach, grape, strawberry, etc.

If your kombucha is already fruit-flavored, adding the fruit juice is optional. Your flavored kombucha may have enough fruit flavor to skip the added fruit juice. Use a bit more kombucha if you leave out the juice.

Try using flavored sparkling water in place of plain.

  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes

What is Chia Seed Kombucha?

Chia seed kombucha is a fermented tea with added chia seeds. You can find it on supermarket shelves or make it at home. Add sparkling water or fruit juice to enhance the flavor and increase carbonation.

What Does Fruity Chia Seed Kombucha Taste Like?

Overall, chia seed kombucha tastes sweet and fruity, slightly tart and nutty. Like other kombucha flavors, it’s fizzy and refreshing. The nutty flavor comes from the chia seeds. The exact taste of the drink depends on the flavor of fruit juice you use.

As the chia seeds soak, they’ll become gel-like and thick. When you add brewed kombucha, sparkling water, and fruit juice, the chia seeds will spread through the glass. Your finished product may require some chewing but will be packed with flavor and nutrients.

What Are Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds are tiny seeds from the flowering plant Salvia hispanica L., a member of the mint family. They were a significant food crop in Mexico and Guatemala, dating back to 3500 BC. Most areas grew the chia plant and gave it as an annual tribute to the Aztec leaders. Chia seeds got their name from the Mayan word for strength because of their ability to provide the body with energy.

Chia seeds are oval, tiny, and hard. They come in both black and white varieties. Chia seeds can absorb up to 12 times their weight in liquid. As you soak them, they develop a thick coating that makes them gel together.

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Chia seeds can be used whole in chia puddings or smoothies. They can also be ground into flour and used in baked goods. Many people use them in place of eggs in vegan dishes.

What Are the Health Benefits of Chia Seed Kombucha?

Chia seeds are referred to as a ‘superfood.’ Chia seeds are a complete protein and contain all nine amino acids.

Chia seeds are also a good source of:

  • Antioxidants that help protect your cells.
  • Calcium, magnesium, and zinc, which help your bones and immune system.
  • Healthy fats that promote satiety and aid in weight loss.

Chia seeds are high in:

  • Fiber, which helps improve digestive health and lower cholesterol
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help prevent heart disease

In addition to the benefits of chia seeds, chia kombucha is also:

  • Full of probiotics, which help improve your overall health.
  • Full of good bacteria, which helps improve gut health.
  • High in B vitamins, which help boost your mood.

Why Do Chia Seeds Need to Be Soaked?

It’s essential to soak chia seeds before consuming them. If you eat too many dry chia seeds, they will absorb the liquid in your body, possibly causing a blockage or dehydration.

Soak your chia seeds for at least 20 minutes before enjoying them. They’ll plump up and gain a chewy texture. You can refrigerate soaked chia seeds for up to five days. If you forget to soak them, eat them with moist food like yogurt or oatmeal. They’ll absorb the liquid from the food rather than from your body.

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Soaking chia seeds

Can You Ferment Chia Seeds With Kombucha?

No, do not ferment chia seeds with your kombucha tea. Chia seeds should always be added to each individual glass, allowed to soak, and then served. The longer chia seeds soak in liquid, the more they expand.

If you add your chia seeds during the first fermentation, they may interact poorly with your SCOBY. If you add them to your second ferment bottles and seal them, you risk your chia seeds swelling so much that your bottles explode.

Should You Make This Recipe with Young, Sweet Kombucha or Older, Sour Kombucha?

Make this recipe with young, sweet kombucha. The sweetness of fresh kombucha combines with fruit juice and chia seeds to create a sweet, refreshing drink.

Older, sour kombucha is excellent for creating a SCOBY hotel or as a strong starter tea for your next batch of homebrew.

Sarah Pearce

Sarah first tried kombucha in 2015 and she was hooked. Her favorite flavor is ginger, but cranberry comes in a close second. She made her own for many years and loved experimenting with fruit flavors.

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