Bucha Buddha’s Cinnamon Cherry Kombucha Recipe

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Cinnamon cherry kombucha is robust, warming, and sweet. Its fragrant spices complement the intense cherry flavor. Aside from tasting delicious, it also has several health benefits. If you brew kombucha, you’ll want to make this recipe.

The base of this drink, cherry cola kombucha, is a second ferment recipe. Cinnamon cherry kombucha doesn’t exactly ferment, but it does require a couple of days in the refrigerator to let the flavor of the cinnamon and cloves soak into the drink.


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Cinnamon Cherry Kombucha

  • Total Time:
    4 days

  • Yield:
    2, 4 oz Servings 1x


This wintertime mocktail is served in a martini glass for aesthetics. If you prefer a larger portion or a more durable glass, you’re welcome to use any serving glass you’d like.




  1. Make the cherry cola kombucha. Let it ferment for 12-24 hours at room temperature. Strain out the cherry puree.
  2. Place 1 cinnamon stick and all 4 cloves into the cherry cola kombucha.
  3. Seal the bottle and place it in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.
  4. Strain the kombucha and pour it into your martini glasses.
  5. Garnish each with a cinnamon stick, and serve.


For a decadent treat, dip the edges of your martini glass in cherry juice and then roll in brown sugar.

Add a splash of maple syrup to each glass for a sweet treat.

To make it an alcoholic drink, add a shot of your favorite liquor. I recommend rum or whiskey.

Add a splash of vanilla extract to each serving glass. Vanilla perfectly complements cherry.

  • Prep Time: 1 day
  • Fermenting Time: 48 hours

What Does Cinnamon Cherry Kombucha Taste Like?

Cinnamon cherry kombucha tastes like spiced cherry soda. Cinnamon and cloves are warming spices that bring sweetness and a hint of citrus taste. The cherry cola kombucha base is sweet, with hints of almond from the sweet cherry flavor. Cinnamon cherry kombucha has plenty of carbonation and tastes best when thoroughly chilled.

What Are the Health Benefits of Cinnamon Cherry Kombucha?

Kombucha is a sweet tea fermented with a kombucha culture called a SCOBY. The SCOBY ferments sweet tea into kombucha, filling it with probiotics, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. These enzymes help support a healthy immune system. In addition, kombucha is high in vitamin B, which helps your body produce energy and supports good mental health.

Cherries are high in vitamin C. They also contain:

  • Calcium, which helps build strong bones.
  • Choline, which helps support a healthy brain.
  • Fiber, which aids digestion.
  • Potassium, which helps balance sodium levels.
  • Magnesium, which supports muscle and nerve function.
  • Vitamin A, which is important for eye health.
  • Vitamin K, which helps your blood clot.

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Cinnamon can help boost your metabolism because it contains an essential oil that targets your fat cells. It may also:

  • Help lower blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Help protect your brain from Alzheimer’s.
  • Reduce inflammation.

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How Much Caffeine Is In Cinnamon Cherry Kombucha?

Cinnamon cherry kombucha has around 7 mg of caffeine per 4 oz serving. The caffeine comes from the black tea kombucha used to make the cherry cola kombucha. If you prefer less caffeine, use white or green tea kombucha to make your cherry cola kombucha.

How Many Calories Are In Cinnamon Cherry Kombucha?

Cinnamon cherry kombucha has approximately 25 calories per 4 oz martini-glass serving. Unflavored, raw kombucha contains about 30 calories per 8 oz serving, and cherry cola flavorings add around 20 more calories. Kombucha is typically a low-calorie drink without artificial sweeteners or ingredients. It fits easily into a well-balanced diet.

5 Variations on Cinnamon Cherry Kombucha

This recipe is a great base recipe that lends itself to many variations. Try these fruits and flavors instead of or in addition to the ingredients above. Create unique kombucha flavors using the ingredients you have on hand.

  • Blackberries: Sub 1 cup of blackberries for the cherries in the cherry cola kombucha.
  • Blueberry kombucha: Use blueberry kombucha instead of the cherry kombucha base.
  • Ginger kombucha: Use ginger kombucha (instead of unflavored) to make the cherry cola kombucha.
  • Hibiscus: Add a few fresh or dried flowers to your serving glass.
  • Pomegranate: Add a few fresh seeds to your serving glass for a fun pop of color.

Sarah Pearce

Sarah first tried kombucha in 2015 and she was hooked. Her favorite flavor is ginger, but cranberry comes in a close second. She made her own for many years and loved experimenting with fruit flavors.

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